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Heart Rate Variability analysis

HRV Analysis

The heart rate variability analysis is a powerful tool in assessment of the autonomic function. It is accurate, reliable, reproducible, yet simple to measure and process. The source information for HRV is a continuous beat-by-beat measurement of interbeat intervals. The electrocardiograph (ECG or EKG) is considered as the best way to measure interbeat intervals. ECG is an electrical signal measured with special conductive electrodes placed on chest around heart area or limbs. It reflects minute changes in electrical field generated by heart muscle cells originating from its SA node. ECG signal has a very specific and robust waveform simple to detect and analyze. Because of that cardiac rhythm derived from ECG is the best way to detect not only true sinus rhythm but all types of ectopic heartbeats, which must be excluded from consideration of HRV analysis.

Schema showing the baroreflex functionality
Schema showing the baroreflex functionality

Pulse wave measurement. The other approach to measure cardiac intervals is a measurement of pulse wave. It is less invasive and simple method of measurement based on photoplethysmograph. PPG is a signal reflecting changes in a blood flow detected when infrared light is emitted towards microcirculatory blood vessels. Depending on blood flow volume certain portion of that light is absorbed letting other part to pass or be reflected. An optical sensor detects a quantity of light passed (or reflected from) the blood flow producing a waveform identifying pulse wave. Such waveform can also be processed to derive beat-by-beat interbeat intervals. Although PPG gives the summary information reflecting both cardiac and blood vessel components of HRV, some research studies showed a significantly high correlation between interbeat interval data measured by both ECG and PPG in short-term steady-state recordings.

One of the important issues when measuring either ECG or PPG is the absence of abnormal heartbeat used in interval detection. Only heartbeats originated in SA node can be processed to obtain HRV data. Whether there are ectopic heartbeats (PVCs or other types of extrasystolic heartbeats) or various movement artifacts on ECG (or PPG) considered as heartbeats, they must be excluded from consideration. There are various statistically-based algorithms of detection of such abnormal heartbeats that minimize chances to get contaminated HR recordings. Nevertheless, for the sake of accuracy in HRV analysis it is important to be able to visually verify all heartbeats automatically found, remove abnormal ones and include missing. The Heart Rhythm Scanner has an automatic detection of such movement artifacts and also gives the possibility to manually correct it.

Example of an abnormal heartbeats
Example of an abnormal heartbeats

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