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Stress Reduction System is coming soon

April, 10 2007
Great news! Biocom Technologies is proud to announce that a new AWS Internet Stress Management System is coming soon. It includes a Stress Monitoring Software Tool that is linked to a Stress Relief Software program.  The product will require with a USB ear-clip pulse wave sensor.

Stress Monitor: Do not fight stress, prevent it!

This product was designed in response to many requests from various companies and organizations willing to support the initiative to help their employees to tackle the problem of work-related stress, which was brought up by the UK's Health and Safety Executive (HSE).


Make the employees work more productively

With the Stress Monitor employee production will increase. The ability to monitor Stress levels and to take short Stress Relief sessions when needed will lower burn out which causes a loss in productivity.

Why Stress Monitor ?

Why spending a lot of time and money for fighting stress related problems caused by working in the office with your PC? Our Stress Monitor has ability to detect changes in mental stress level and alert you only when it's necessary to take a break and relax. Unlike many other tools our Stress Monitor actually measures stress level based on monitoring your physiology. Once elevated stress level is detected for some time the Stress Monitor will invite you to use our Stress Sweeper tool to take care of your high stress.

     The Stress Monitor is a PC companion tool. It provides capability to continuously monitor your heart rate and calculate your mental stress level (MSL) derived from the analysis of your heart rhythm. Hands-free pulse wave sensor allows you to conveniently work with your PC doing your daily routines. MSL indicates level of stress you can experience due to various mental factors: negative emotions, intense thinking process, work pressure, etc. All physiological information is continuously measured, stored and updated to provide real-time monitoring of your mental stress.
The system is recommended to continuously monitor your stress level with the Stress Monitor and to run stress relief biofeedback training sessions by means of the  Stress Sweeper when stress level goes above the normal level.
    Upon starting the Stress Monitor runs in compact (minimized) mode occupying a small area of your computer desktop. It has a small indicator of your actual heart rate and special control button to view actual stress level. At any time the compact monitor can be restored to a standard window format. Once monitoring is terminated, the system stores collected data on remote server in the system database for further access and review.
    If stress level exceeds normal ranges for specified period of time the system generates alert to inform you about ongoing event and suggests to perform Stress Sweeper training session to lower your stress.
    Once you finish your training session the Stress Monitor will continue working in background mode.

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