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Heart Tracker Home Edition - FAQ

Stress management tool

Heart Tracker HE

(includes stress reduction software and device)

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Mitigates the impact of stress
Improves mental relaxation
Improves overall health condition
Normalizes blood pressure
Strengthens the immune system


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Frequently Asked Questions:

Why should I use the Heart Tracker?
Heart Tracker gives you a paced breathing exercise. Slow and even breathing acts like an exercise to your internal mechanisms of self-regulation. Regular breathing exercise improves function of these mechanisms and give you a number of positive effects:

Immediate lowers your stress, clears your mind.
If used regularly for a prolonged period of time lowers blood pressure, strengthen immune system, improves overall health.

Do I have to have any special training to be able to use the Heart Tracker?
No. The software is very simple in use. It provides an intuitive graphical user interface minimizing needs for any special learning process.

How does the Heart Tracker work?
Heart Tracker gives you a live visual and auditory breath pacer. You must focus on it and breathe exactly according to pacer movement breathe in when it goes up and breathe out when it goes down, hold your breathing when pacer stops. Paced breathing causes your heart rate (HR) changing synchronously with your breathing HR goes up when you inhale and goes down when you exhale.

The Heart Tracker measures all changes in your HR and evaluates how synchronous your HR is with breath pacer by calculating a special training score. The higher synchronicity you have, the higher score it produces. The actual score is displayed on the graph, so you can immediately see the result of your training efforts. Keep your focus on breathing during the exercise. If you lose your focus and synchronism, the score will quickly drop. At the end of training session you will be given a report about what score you achieved and how well you maintained good score during whole session.

How can I move the session data from one computer to another?
Yes, it can be done with a simple and inexpensive pulse wave sensor utilizing a special ear-clip. The sensor is provided along with the Heart Tracker software.

Do I need any device to measure my heart rate?
No. The software is very simple in use. It provides an intuitive graphical user interface minimizing needs for any special learning process.

Can I use devices other than sold by Biocom?
No. Only Biocom devices (sold by Biocom) can be used.

Can I export results of my Heart Tracker session to other software?
No, the Heart Tracker does not have data export capabilities.

How does your product compare with the EmWave?
The EmWave is a simple portable standalone tool providing means to improve emotional balance using biofeedback technique targeted to enhancing cardiac coherence through developing an internal positive emotional shift.

The Heart Tracker is a PC based tool designed to help in reducing stress and improving autonomic balance using a well-known biofeedback technique based on slow paced breathing exercise known for centuries in many Eastern cultures. There is a strong well-studied physiological concept behind this technique, which established its scientific validity.

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