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HRVLive! - FAQ

Real-time Heart Rate Variability Monitoring system

HRVLive! 1.0

Real-time Heart Rate Variability Monitoring system

In USA for non-medical use only
Full dynamics of changes in the regulatory tonus of both the parasympathetic and sympathetic nervous systems
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Frequently Asked Questions:

Why 'Live'?
This is about a very unique feature of this product. Unlike other products measuring and assessing heart rate variability (HRV) this product was designed to monitor changes in HRV parameters over prolonged period of time in REAL-TIME mode. This means that the software repeatedly calculates all standard short-term HRV parameters from the last 5 minutes of measured heart rate (HR) every ½ of a second and DISPLAYS the dynamics of the HRV parameters updated at the same rate. This gives you an opportunity to see real dynamic (live) changes in HRV.

Can this product show instantaneous effect of any specific factors on HRV parameters?
Not exactly. As we know all HRV parameters are calculated with specific mathematical procedures (e.g. statistical formulas, spectral estimation, etc.) applied to the last 5-minute block of heart rate data. Even though heart rhythm could change instantaneously it would gradually push out “old” data from the last 5-minute data segment. This fact creates certain time lag and you will see gradual change in HRV readings within next couple of minutes. Despite of this time lag this method is quite sensitive to and responsive to show minute changes in HRV caused by various internal and external factors.

If I monitor HRV for a long period of time and any events happed during that time, how would I know when they happened?
The software has a special feature called event marker. With a single click you can stamp your data instantaneously. This marker will be visible on the history graphs while you are monitoring HRV, stored along with data and displayed along with it in review mode. You can edit these markers later adjusting their time and writing memos associated with them. You can even retrieve HRV parameters at the moments of those markers.

I know that HRV is quite sensitive to presence of abnormal heart rate readings caused by movements. It would be quite difficult to have a subject to remain still over long period of time. How do you handle this problem?
The software has a built-in sophisticated algorithm that automatically detects abnormal heartbeats and corrects data to minimize errors in HRV calculations. Moreover once HR data is recorded, it can be reviewed visually and any abnormal heartbeats missed by this automatic algorithm can be manually marked to improve data quality.

What is the best application for HRV Live?
This product was designed with a simple concept in mind. If you need to record the dynamics of changes in the autonomic function over a long period of time, continuous monitoring of HRV is the only option. If you administer anything that could have effect on the autonomic function continuous monitoring would let you see whether there is an effect, how quickly and strongly it works and how long it sustains.


Japanese customers only:

Any orders of inquiries for the purchase by or for Japanese entities or consumers in Japan must be placed with our exclusive distributor or its authorized distributors in Japan. For information please contact Ark Trading Pacific Corporation / Biocom Japan: norion@arktradingpacific.com at arktradingpacific.com

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