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Express autonomic function assessment tool

Inner Balance Scan 2.0

(includes ANS testing software and sensor)

Phone: 360-271-3293
E-mail: info@biocomtech.com
Online: Submit question

Professional heart rate variability assessments in minutes. Instant data analysis and interpretation.


Usually ship within 24 hours.

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Inner Balance Scan - Express autonomic function assessment tool

Our new product designed for regular use at home or work for single individual and family members from 5 years and older. Some of the product features include but not limited to:
  • Evaluate your overall health condition.
  • Discover how environment and lifestyle affect your health condition and inner balance.
  • Reveal subtle health issues.
  • Evaluate the effectiveness of physical training.
  • Helps choose the right health improvement procedures...

Report samples in PDF format:

Inner Balance Scan: Single test report Inner Balance Scan: Pre-Post report Inner Balance Scan: Progress report

Single test report

Pre-Post report

Progress test report

Software screenshots:

The Inner Balance Scan shows live pulse wave signal and heart rate during the test data recording. The Inner Balance Scan shows current status of your body's stimulating and calming activities and overall self-regulatory efforts.

Inner Balance Scan key features:

Inner Balance Scan is the most comprehensive Personal Health Monitor available for professionals and others concerned about their health.
  • Easy to hook-up ear-clip probe
  • Connects to any PC via standard USB port
  • Easy-to-use intuitive colorful graphical user interface
  • Automatically evaluates quality of data recorded to ensure accuracy of results
  • Displays pulse wave and heart rate to ensure recording of clean data
  • Simple and intuitive inner balance report
  • Allows creating multiple users records - ideal for family use
  • Stores unlimited number of tests - lifetime history of the inner balance

System Requirements

  • CPU: Core 2 Duo, 2.0 GHz
  • 4Gb of RAM
  • Video: 1024x768, 32-bit color
  • 1Gb of free hard disk space
  • CD/DVD ROM drive
  • One available USB 2.0 port
  • Windows 7/8.1/10 Operating system

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