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Heart Tracker



"I have used the Heart Tracker with my clients for several years now. It is an intuitive, rewarding and simple to use device for teaching my clients how to manage stress". 

Dr. Tom Daniels. San Francisco, California


 "Simply put a powerful relaxation tool".

Sam Friedman, PhD. San Antonio, Texas


"Heart Tracker helps me to stabilize myself when I feel anxious or stressed". 

Mark Andrews. Benton Harbor, Michigan


The Heart Tracker has brought harmony back into my life. Iím using the Heart Tracker each time I come home from work. My wife noticed changes in my mood just after few weeks. My everyday stress went down and I enjoy my life more than ever!

 N. Hoover, Sales manager


I started using the Heart Tracker two months ago. My blood pressure has fallen so  much that my doctor has  put me on smaller dose of my medication.  I am feeling much better.

B. Larson, Teacher


I was usually too tired after my work that couldnít enjoy evenings with my family. I bought the Heart Tracker 3 weeks ago and used it on the way back home when riding the ferry. The changes are amazing! I feel better and I am more energetic. I can even play baseball with my boys.

K. Hackney, Lawyer



Inner Balance Scan


"I have been using the Inner Balance Scan to measure my autonomic balance for over 2 years. Within past several months I noticed a stable decrease in HRV and later I was diagnosed with a tumor, treatable... IBS just saved my life..."

Dr. Paul Vagner. Minneapolis, Minnesota


Iím a mother of two and I care a lot about my children. I bought the Inner Balance Scan a few months ago to check my childrenís health. I found it sensitive to many things, for example, to what kids usually eat. I see how their bodies react to what I cook for them! It is amazing! Now we can eat healthier, cooking what is the best for them! I think every mother should have this tool at home, it changes lives!

E. Lambert, Housewife


I tried the Inner Balance Scan to check if working with different program languages changed my inner balance.  I discovered that programming in Visual C++ is more stressful for me than any other languages.

J. Jameson, Programmer


Iím a college student. My dad bought the IBS for my high school graduation.  I test everything with my IBS: listening to my favorite music, chatting online, going to the gym and even meeting my girlfriend! All this stuff is cool!

F. Boyer, Student


The Inner Balance Scan helps me watch my health.  It showed me that working in my garden, walking and golf really improved my health!

D. Ross, Retiree


My cat Andy improves my inner balance when I come home from the office and pet him. The IBS just shows this shift in my balance.  The healing power of animals is real !

H. Milford, clerk


Heart Rhythm Scanner


"I cannot think about what my work would be like without this technology. Thank you to the creators of Biocom software. You provide me, and many others, an incredible tool."

Dr. Aaron Kramer, PhD. Los Angeles, California


I was looking for a simple tool to measure the effects of my treatment procedures in my chiropractic office. My colleagues recommended the Biocom HRV products. I purchased the Heart Rhythm Scanner and use it with most of my clients. The program reports shows a noticeable changes in the autonomic balance.   I can rely on objective scientific data for validation when working with my clients.

Dr. J. Proper, Chiropractor


Our lab has used the Heart Rhythm Scanner for 6 years. It gives us very clear and reliable results. It is very easy to use and I recommend it for any therapist looking to validate his clients shifts in autonomic balance toward health.

Dr. M. Ponti, PhD, Italy


The Heart Rhythm Scanner helps me detect various food allergens by measuring my patientís autonomic response to allergen application. We are also able to quantify the effects of my allergy treatment. A very powerful tool for such a low price!

Dr. Jurgen Hoffman, MD, Germany



HRV Live!



"With HRV Live! I can do virtually anything I want to measure rapid changes in autonomic nervous system function. How else could this be done?!" 

Dr. Bruno Schmidt, PhD. Geneva, Switzerland


We have used the HRV Live! in our research projects for almost 2 years. Without it we would not be able to see the dynamic shifts in autonomic regulation.  The HRV Live is very responsive and reflects changes from our interventions.

S.Warns, PhD, Clinical Pharmacologist


The HRV Live! is the best tool I have ever tried to validate my treatment techniques. When my  patientís claim their pain is reduced I can see how the autonomic balance is stabilized.  The intuitive reports document the changes for my patients.

 Dr. F. Hernandez, Chiropractic Specialist, Mexico


I found HRV Live! To be very informative by reflecting how my patients react to hypnotherapy procedures. It appeared to be sensitive and responsive. I can adjust my procedures and suggestions by monitoring the  HRV Live! screen.

 Dr. H. Sommerstein, Leipzig










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