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Health Risk Diagnosis and HRV

Health Risk Diagnosis for health care professionals

Health risk diagnosis is a profoundly important aspect of practice for all health care professionals. New technology has emerged that enables health practitioners to quickly monitor the subtle changes in the vibratory rates of the parasympathetic and sympathetic activities. The Biocom Technologies Heart Rhythm Scanner (HRS) painlessly and noninvasively observes these minute changes that give impactful insight as to the body’s autonomic regulatory functioning ability. In more common terms, being able to observe these subtle rhythmic patterns of the heart rate (aka Heart Rate Variability (HRV)) allows health care providers to determine the effectiveness of given treatment plans long before any serious physical symptoms arise.

Who uses the Heart Rhythm Scanner from Biocom Technologies?

Health care professionals from many different fields all over the planet are using the HRS. They include:
Health Risks
  • Health risk assessment specialists;
  • Stress management specialists;
  • Biofeedback therapists;
  • Physical, recreational and occupational therapists;
  • Psychologists;
  • Clinical researchers;
  • Specialists of alternative therapies;
  • Physiologists;
  • Chiropractors;
  • Cardiovascular specialists;
  • Many more...
The diagnosis and treatment of almost every disease, health risk and health care issue can be greatly enhanced by using this powerful device for monitoring Heart Rate Variability and assessing the autonomic balance. Heart Rate Variability information can be readily utilized to evaluate and determine the effects of any and all of the following:
  • Numerous health conditions;
  • Vitamins and dietary supplements;
  • Various therapeutic methods;
  • Emotional intensity;
  • Stress, both acute and chronic;
  • Meditation;
  • Yoga;
  • Food intake;
  • Exercise;
  • Medications;
  • Toxins in the system;
  • Many more...
Here are just some of the key benefits to the usage of the HRS from Biocom Technologies:
    Health Risks and Heart Rate Variability
  • The rapid measurement of the activity fluctuations in both the parasympathetic and sympathetic nervous systems;
  • Determining improvement levels for a wide array of health risks;
  • Heart rate change monitoring in real time;
  • Performing quick challenge testing with metronomic breathing and standup maneuvers;
  • Stress, both acute and chronic;
  • Printouts of the autonomic balance that includes the standard frequencies and time domain of the Heart Rate Variability analysis;
  • Zone diagrams of the autonomic balance for analysis over multiple tests;
  • Simplistic readouts of the autonomic balance status;
  • A fully integrated database built in to track various clients, tests and protocols;
  • Complete compliance to all standards concerning short-term HRV analysis;
  • Toxins in the system;
  • Many more...
Still more powerful benefits associated with the use of the Heart Rate Scanner from Biocom Technologies:
  • General population HRV norms presented for data comparison;
  • Graphs, bar charts, table sheets and power spectrums presented for analysis;
  • Simplistic integration with Microsoft Excel spreadsheets and ASCII formatting;
  • Founded on 30 years+ of verifiable medical studies;
  • Orchestrative as both a primary and secondary diagnostics tool for multiple health risks;
  • Software that operates under the Windows OS;
There are so many risk factors and their treatments that can be analyzed and monitored with the Heart Rate Scanner from Biocom Technologies. Health care professionals from all fields are utilizing these powerful devices all around the planet today. This cutting edge technology is making it far simpler to discern the effectiveness of almost every variable in any given treatment program. Cancer treatment, treatment for hypertension, heart failure treatment and so many other types are being made so much more efficient. When a body is in danger of failing, time is of the essence. Health risk diagnosis is a vitally important component of all treatment regimes. Using the most modern and powerful technological advancements available can greatly increase the success and sustainability of your health care practice. Your ability to make a far more accurate and timesaving risk factor diagnosis can be greatly enhanced by using the Heart Rate Scanner from Biocom Technologies. For more information, please visit www.biocomtech.com/products/hrs right now. Your practice will be enhanced. Your patients will save time and money. Ineffective treatments will be weeded out and your contentment levels will rise significantly. The HRS is your key to exposing and defeating your patients’ health risks effectively and quickly.

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